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Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Museum 

Designer: Mfon-Abasi Obong, MFA Student

Costume Design and Technology Fabricator: Jacqueline O'Brien, Class 2016, Drama and French

Model: Katelyn Lynch, CLAS 2016,

English Artist: Christina Yambeing, Merrepen Arts

The Culture Couture Fashion Project was the first performance of Indigenous Australian textiles and fashion design in the United States. After a fashion design contest in January 2015, eight sketches were chosen by the Kluge-Ruhe Collection and Professor Marcy Linton in the UVA Department of Drama. One of the designs that were picked was this dress. The dress was fabricated in an advanced-level Costume Technology course in the 2015 fall semester. This garment was made with Indigenous textiles that were procured from Australia.  To showcase the completed garments, the Kluge-Ruhe Collection worked with over thirty UVA students to present a fashion performance at the Jefferson Theater on March 19, 2016.

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